Jumbo Loans

“I want to buy a home that’s above the traditional loan limit.”

Have you found the perfect home but worried the price is too high for a traditional loan? No need to worry: you can own the home you love with help from MegaStar’s jumbo loan option.

We believe that when the home of your dreams comes with a list price that requires high-end financing, the power of your home loan should increase in scope. With financing options up to $2 million and either fixed or adjustable-rate options, you can find the strength you need with our jumbo home loan.

Jumbo loans give us the flexibility to custom-tailor a loan to fit your unique circumstances by leveraging our relationships with institutional investors. If your dream home has a price above the county’s loan limit, a jumbo loan can provide you the financing you need to make that dream a reality. Talk to our team to learn more about the jumbo home loan and see if this is a good fit for you!